Eco friendly

 Care of the environment should not just be a slogan but way of life and production methods! As far as we farmers are concerned, respect for the anvironment is even mpre important, as we work in the environment every day, growing our children and families and cultivating our produce. 

Continual research into the higest quality of COLUTTA WINES in this ECOFREINDLY LINE is married with an "environmentally low impact" packaging as we are using lighter bottles as so to reduce transport costs and lower amissions into the environment as well as recycled materials such as the corks, the label paper and the cardboard boxes.

Whithin this spirit of respect, we have devised the ECOFRIENDLY LINE, so called because it respects the environment in each stage of the production cycle. IN FACT:

  • We re-use rainwater.
  • We use environmentally friendly products.
  • We have installed solar panels to beself-sufficient as far as energy is concerned.
  • We using pruning residuals for heating.
  • We use recycled materials (cork, papre, cardboard).

A vine-leaf shaped label sums up the main points of this PRJECT.