It was in 1939 when Antonio Colutta decided to buy a country house in Manzano with a small vineyard and some field crops.

The management was then sharecropping and then divided the harvest made ​​of grapes, corn, and mulberry leaves for the silkworms.

The production of wine, red and white then, it was restricted to the inhabitants of the village and some customers of the nearby town of Udine.

In 1968 , his two sons and Gianpaolo Giansandro decide to bottle the first production of Tocai and Merlot. So they increase the vineyards and equipment , they begin to sell outside the region and with bitter D' UDINE , bitter still produced in Pharmacy Colutta , reach the tables of the finest restaurants nationwide. In 1985, George, son of Giansandro , joined the company and began an extensive marketing work in Italy.

But it was in 1998, when he became the owner of the company , which begins the "New Deal" ! George decides to push the boundaries and began to travel around the world presenting their wines and opening markets in difficult times when internationalization was still a term rarely used . And so the United States, Mexico , Northern Europe and then China, India, Russia, Singapore , HK, Thailand, Mexico , Vietnam, Australia , etc. . begin to appreciate and consume wines Colutta.