The grape harvest

The wine is made primarily in the vineyard ! We put the utmost care to get a quality grape with agriculture that respects the environment and the health of the consumer in accordance with the directions of the EU.
The harvest is for us a time of extreme importance and joy : the labors of a year's work in the country must find the ultimate expression in this delicate phase , carried out exclusively by hand , in which our " harvesters", which will select the best grapes in the cellar. It 's the end of a wait, sometimes anxious due to the season, when a hailstorm or rain can spoil in a few moments the fruit of our hard work . But that's the beauty of having a "factory " made of stars , sun and green !

In the vineyards of fine wines are born Giorgio Colutta , the result of painstaking work of many people. In fact, every day is great undertake efforts to improve the quality of the wines, while respecting the environment and the health of the consumer in accordance with the limitations imposed by the EU. September is the time when the grapes flood of perfumes and fragrances unique vineyards now ready to harvest.

The harvest of the grapes is done strictly by hand , in order to better select the grapes which then will be in the cellar. This moment is the culmination of an expected annual . The grapes ripen in the manner and timing dictated by the seasons . Although nature can sometimes be adverse , always gives great satisfaction , filling the pride of the people who work hard and with passion throughout the year to obtain the best fruits of the earth.