Our wines

Traditional line

In this section the classic and most known D.O.C. wines of the Colli Orientali del Friuli are collected. The Colli Orientali area is now famous also abroad, thanks to the strong character of the wines produced. Soft and fragrant white wines, full-bodied and harmonious red wines are the best if combined with the great Italian cuisine.

Cru Line

Almost every vine of this line is a native clone of the Colli Orientali del Friuli or comes from very low-productive vines. They were often unusual in the past but are so precious today thanks to their high quality. Among these the “Picolit” which was already appreciated on the imperial tables in 1300´s.

Ecofrinedly Line

Our company produces and markets a line “Ecofriendly Wine” which, as its name indicates, is particularly attentive to environmental sustainability. Some behaviors adopted in the company proved to be very respectful of nature, we collect rainwater, work products are environmentally friendly, using solar energy and pruning for heating. The glass bottles are lighter to reduce transport costs. The cork, paper labels and cardboard packaging are made from recycled materials. We are willing to let you try out this new and attractive line of wines of great quality.