Picolit DOCG

Vinification: grapes are left to partially dry on the vines or, if the weather is not permitting, on specially made drying racks. The partially-dried grapes undergo a traditional vinification with crushing and maceration of the skins on the must for a period of 48-60 hours so as to extract colour and aromatic substances. The skins then undergo a soft pressing and the resulting product is blended with the first-pressing must that has been left to ferment in a French oak barrique. Refinement in wood lasts for 8-10 months, at the end of which bottling takes place.

Organoleptic description of the wine

intense golden yellow.

fruity, recalls honey, acacia and chestnut.

tannic, sweet, intense, almondy.

Food pairings

goose liver pâté, Gorgonzola and spicy cheese, ideal too on its own at the end of a meal as a “meditation” wine. Best served at a temperature of 10-12°C.