Verduzzo friulano

Vinification: the grapes are left to partially dry on the plant or if the weather is not permitting on specially-made drying racks. Soft pressing is then carried out on part of the grapes, with refrigeration followed by the settling and racking of the cleaned must, fermentation then takes place at a controlled temperature (around 20°C) in French oak barriques with the addition of selected yeasts which favour the development of the characteristic Verduzzo aromas. The remaining grapes undergo skin contact with the must for a period of 48-60 hours so as to enable the extraction of colour and tannins. Once fermentation is complete the two products are blended and refined in oak barriques.

Organoleptic description of the wine

intense golden yellow.

fruity, reminiscent of honey.

tannic, sweet, full-bodied.

Food pairings

dry biscuits and pastries, goose liver pate, with blue-veined and spicy cheeses. Best served at a temperature of 8-10°C.