Company profile

The Eocene origin , microclimate and exposure of the eastern hills of Friuli , determine the sudden and sharp diversity of this restricted area from the entire territory of the Region. It comes from all the vocation of this DOC area the production of great wines , now known all over the world.

The Farm Colutta - " Bandut ," so called from the name of an ancient bottom of the property , purchased by Antonio Colutta the early twentieth century , is now conducted by George Colutta.

It produces quality wines in the vineyards of Butterwick , Manzano and Rosazzo , all included in the prestigious " Park of the vine and wine" of the eastern hills of Friuli. The vineyard area of the company is 18 acres and began a renovation and modernization of the vineyards bringing the density of vines per hectare to 5.000/6.000 depending on the soil and varieties.

Our company is present on all the major guides and has been reported on the most important publications in the field such as " Wine Spectator " and " Decanter " .

We're finally getting ISO 9001 certification to ensure Total Quality Product & Service from the countryside until you.