International Distribution

Our company, which in 1998 started a new course under the guidance of Giorgio Colutta, was 95% present in Italy and only 5% abroad.

Since 1999, a continuous search for new markets, including non-traditional ones, has begun, which has allowed us to reach almost 60% export market.

In particular, we are present in Italy in the most important regions through a network of agents and / or distributors.

In EUROPE: England, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Serbia.

In the USA: New York, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Texas, Washington State and Illinois.

In CANADA: Montreal

In Russia, India, China, HONG KONG, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Laos, Sud Africa, Australia, Equador, Colombia and Azerbaijan.

Through our importers, we are present in the best restaurants and in the best wine bars and wine shops of the main cities.