This ancient vine finds its home in our vineyards of Rosazzo and Manzano. White wine obtained from Tocai Friulano grapes whose vine is indigenous to Friuli. Intense scent of field flowers, dry flavour with a bitter almond aftertaste. Best-tasting young; very pleasant away from meals at 8°C; best served with roast fish, raw ham, egg dishes and soups at 10°-12°C.

Vinification: using the classic white wine making method with soft pressing, refrigeration followed by the settling and racking of the cleaned must, then fermentation at a controlled temperature (around 17°C) and the addition of selected yeasts to enable greater control of the fermentation process. Tocai grapes are particularly suited to vinification that uses low-temperature skin fermentation, which is carried out before pressing by allowing skin contact with the must at a controlled temperature (10-12°C) for a period of about 12 hours. This practice allows for the extraction of aromatic flavour precursors which are typical of Tocai, this process is carried out on a part of the harvested grapes.