Ribolla Gialla


This wine originates from the Ribolla Gialla vines, already known at the time of the Renaissance and considered by connoisseurs of the time to be very precious and noble. Of great charm, it should be drunk perfectly dry, although it is often consumed almost mixed; it is characterized by an intense freshness also given by a marked acidity. The straw color tends towards greenish. Ideal wine for aperitifs, it goes well with fish dishes, delicate appetizers, white meats and should be served at 8-10°C.

Vinification: soft pressing, refrigeration followed by the settling and racking of the cleaned must, after which half of the must is fermented in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature (around 17°C) with the addition of selected yeasts to favour the development of the characteristic fragrances and aromas. The other half is fermented in 25 hl wooden barrels at a non controlled temperature which may reach a temperature of 24°C, once the first fermentation is complete, malolactic bacteria are subsequently inoculated, that are responsible for the second fermentation and which are determinant in rounding the sharp-edged acidity, typical of this grape variety.

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