A not very well known wine, it belongs to an autochthonous variety of the Colli Orientali del Friuli. It has a sparse bunch due to a difficulty in pollination, similar to that of Picolit. Undoubtedly fascinating wine with a very strong and intense color; it is served at room temperature and goes perfectly with feather game, red meat and roasts. It can also be served slightly cold. Contains sulfites.

Vinification: the harvested grapes are selected by hand and are then de-stemmed, crushed and left to ferment at a controlled temperature (of around 28°C) with the addition of selected yeasts. In order to extract colour from the grapes, the “délestage” technique is used which allows for polyphenols, tannins and anthocyans to be extracted effectively from the skins; this technique enables the best possible colour stability and structure over time. After around 10-15 days, according to the level of extraction obtained, the grapes are soft-pressed. Refining in wood (barrels and barriques) then takes place of part of the resulting wine so as to increase the wine’s roundness, whilst the remaining wine is refined in stainless steel tanks.

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